30 Projects

I stumbled upon this site that has a few PowerPoint-like presentations accompanied by the audio of their respective lectures. The broad topics are “Where do I start?” and “What not to do,” etc., in terms of digital humanities projects. The lectures are not perfect, but I think some will find them helpful given what we’ve been saying about feeling confused / directionless concerning actual progress / products.

Designing your first project: http://devdh.org/lectures/design/


  1. Thanks, Nick, for putting this up! Looks like a helpful resources!


  2. I’m currently in the process of brainstorming potential scholars for the webinar. I know Collin Brooke would probably be willing to do it, but he came last year for a talk, and perhaps we would all like to hear from someone new. I’ll nail this down soon, but I’m open to suggestions! Seriously. Any and all. 😉

    Also, Amanda and I recently discussed the possibility of collaborating on this: I’ll do the webinar, and she’ll make it accessible to the disabled. Still in the works, but I’m excited about this! Christine


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